Welcome to MILK & MORE

We make getting your necessities easy! You can trust your local Milkie to ensure you get the freshest most wholesome products our beautiful country has to offer.

Our main products include: Glass-bottled A2 milk and double cream, the Anchor range, So Good Soy and Almond plant milk, Homegrown juice and Willow Creek Free Range eggs.

Why choose us?

Locally operated and locally loved - what’s more to say? We are a small company that takes great care and consideration when serving our customers. We provide a fantastic service; bringing back the nostalgia of the milkman and the convenience of drop to your door. More importantly, we do not charge a delivery fee!

Sustainability is a priority for Milk and More. Our focus is to reduce our carbon footprint and waste!


We deliver straight to your door, reducing the amount of heavy vehicles on the road travelling to supermarkets. We promote our Glass-bottled milk with our swap system; each empty bottle is sterilised and reused. We support local providing Willow Creek Free Range eggs with reusable packaging!

Let our moovelous Milkies deliver to you! Signing up is easy and we will tailor to your delivery needs.

There is no such thing as an order too big, or too small for Milk and More.

We looking forward to delivering to you soon!

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