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You can’t get much more local than Oaklands milk, the Raine family farm is just a stones throw away from most houses in nelson. You might even hear the cows mooing in the still winter mornings. 


There’s a couple of things that make Oaklands milk so different.


It’s natural, not homogenised, comes from A2 cows and has no added permeate, and it’s delivered in glass bottles, which we swap out for you, at no extra charge. 


It is still pasteurised, so 100% safe to drink, but not filled with extra junk to bulk it up. I promise once you’ve tasted the first drop in your morning coffee, there’s no going back. Just be prepared to go through more milk than you usually do a week! 


Oaklands milk comes from A2 tested cows, it may improve digestibility, especially for those who struggle with dairy intolerence. 


It’s fresh from the farm to you and comes with a smile every time. 


Oaklands milk currently has a shelf life of 7 days.



Homegrown juice


The Homegrown Juice Company originates from when the Brownlie family first planted their orange orchard in Hawkes bay back in 1969. 


Their goal is to make the best tasting, healthiest juices and smoothies possible in New Zealand. 


As pasteurising orange juice burns the natural fresh flavours and lowers the nutritional value of the juice, they cold pasteurise to maintain natural taste and the nutritional goodness.    



Willow creek Free range eggs


Willow Creek is a local producer of Free Range, handpicked, traditionally farmed eggs based in Upper Moutere. A family run operation, they are commited to quality not quantity, as well as sustanatibilty. We are proud to support small local buinesses just like ours.


Soy milk

For those who cant have the real stuff, soy or Almond is a great alternative.

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