Canterbury's Choice A2 Glass Bottle 1L  -

Anchor Cream 300mL - 

Anchor Blue 300mL - 

Anchor Trim (Green) 300mL - 

Anchor Blue 1L -

Anchor Light Blue 1L -

Anchor Trim (Green) 1L -

Anchor Calci - Trim (Yellow) 1L -

Anchor A2 1L -

Anchor Blue 2L -

Anchor Light Blue 2L -

Anchor Trim (Green) 2L -

Anchor Silver Top 2L-

Anchor Cream 2L - 

Soy Milk 1L -

Homegrown Orange Juice 1L -

Free Range Eggs 1 Dozen -

Free Range Eggs 1/2 Dozen -

​$3.50 Per Bottle


​$3.50 Per Bottle

$1.50 Per Bottle

$1.50 Per Bottle

$3.50 Per Bottle

$3.50 Per Bottle

$3.50 Per Bottle

$3.70 Per Bottle

$3.70 Per Bottle

$7.00 Per Bottle

$7.00 Per Bottle

$7.00 Per Bottle

$7.00 Per Bottle

$12.70 Per Bottle


$4.70 Per Bottle

$4.90 Per Bottle



A couple of notes

All Prices include delivery and swapping of bottles/packaging. There are no hidden costs for our services!

The easiest way to pay for our service is a monthly invoice. You can choose how to pay (bank deposit, cheque, cash) and all of our information is on the invoice you receive. We can email the invoice to you, or pop a paper copy in your mail box once a month.

If you prefer to pay by cash each delivery, please make sure the correct amount is available for us to collect. The drivers will have some change on them, but you will need to be home in order for us to give you this.

As the Oaklands bottles are glass, we will swap them out for you. Don't worry if you haven't finished your bottle, just leave it out next time. When it is ready to give back, a quick rinse, and put the cap firmly on, and your milkman will collect.

Our Drivers will do their absolute best to make sure they put your goods in a shady place when they deliver. If they are not going in the letterbox, a chilly bin, or bag is a fantastic option to store your treats. It's also a great way to make sure the driver puts your goods where you want them. 

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